Breeding Maine Coon Cats

Coat & Colour: Soft and silky (texture can vary greatly with coat color.) The head of hair is shorter on the actual top and shoulders and longer on the stomach and flanks. Undercoat is dense, water resistant fur. Main Coon Colors showing hybridization, such as chocolate, lavender, the Siamese pointed patterns or the “ticked” patterns, are not accepted by breed specs. The most common color present in the Main Coon breed is brown tabby.

“What about really huge maine coon cats?” i hear you ask. It’s true, many males end up growing well past the normal. It’s not unusual to hear about a 20 pounder, and even 25 – 30 far more pounds! These types of definitely huge maine coon cats.

Head & Ears: Medium in width and slightly longer long than width with a squareness into the muzzle Muzzle/chin is visibly square, medium in length and blunt ended when viewed in profile. It might give the visibility of being a rectangle but should not appear being tapering or pointed. Chin is strong, firm together with in line but now upper lip and bouquet. Large ears, well-tufted, wide at base, tapering to seem pointed. Lynx tips mostly present in leading Coons.

The Persian cat, a longhair, will be the most popular purebred cat breed in North Our great country. Beloved for their sweet and gentle dispositions, these cuddly felines could win their way into anyone’s soul.

The Javanese, a cousin to standard Balinese breed, is a longhaired breed known due to the intelligence. Hailed by breeders and fans of the cat, the Javanese generally touted with the most intelligent feline. These frisky cats have been known to open up doors, break into cupboards, and track down hidden treats in safely locked drawers.

The worst thing you’re capable of is becoming what is definitely a BYB, or Backyard Pet breeder. These breeders are looked down upon by seo suggestions breeders. BYB’s commonly am not aware of enough close to breed, and so they also often ignore titles. BYB’s often way of life the care and caution that top breeders take when seeking at caring for the cats. When all is considered and done, most BYB’s are required to sell their kittens from a very low price, and rarely earn much profit, if sort of.

Most individuals are looking for kittens raise from inception. And, that’s fine, either way, you will certainly be quite excited about your cat, these truly are noble and gentle leaders.

Will a vet check the kittens prior to going the breeder’s home? How many times? If the Maine Coon becomes ill just has left the breeder, who is paying vet’s fees or could the kitten be returned on the breeder?

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