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Economic Nexus is for Sales Tax

Until the June 2018 Supreme Court judgment, states were confined to taxing sales by companies with a physical existence at the state.

The Supreme Court’s South Dakota v Wayfair Inc.. Choice allows states to base a sales tax collection obligation solely on economic activity at a state (economic nexus).

States supply sales to the location of this vendor (origin sourcing) Or the user (destination sourcing).

They typically utilize destination sourcing guidelines for sales of tangible personal property, intangible property, or services delivered to the state.

The shipping address and also the location where the service was obtained is generally regarded as the location of this sale.

It can be complicated to find out income tax nexus, Particularly when companies deal in intangibles that are not easy to source, such as digital products and services.

Sicilian forecasts there’ll probably be”increased controversy later on.” Controversy on the problem may start the following year, when Hawaii starts applying income tax economical nexus and Texas enforces franchise tax economical nexus.


Hawaii Was one of the very initial states to apply economic nexus to sales tax, that is actually a general excise tax(GET). It has been enforced since July 1, 2018.

A Individual with no physical existence in Hawaii is engaging in business in Hawaii though, at the calendar year:

  1. The individual’s gross income or gross proceeds from the sale of tangible personal property delivered to Hawaii, services consumed or used within Hawaii, or intangible property employed from the state is 100,000 or more; or even
  2. The individual offered tangible personal property delivered to the state, services consumed or used in the state, or intangible property employed in the state at 200 or even more separate transactions.
  3. Earlier this year, lawmakers from the Aloha State made a decision to apply economic nexus into Hawaii income tax, also.

Starting with taxable years after December 31, 2019, Hawaii Will apply an economic nexus standard for Hawaii income tax (SB 495 SD2 HD1).

A individual who has no physical existence in Hawaii will be subject to Hawaii income tax when, during the current or previous calendar year:

  • The individual engages in 200 or more business transactions with individuals from the stateor
  • The amount of this value of this individual’s gross income attributable to sources from Hawaii equals or exceeds $100,000, or to get a individual that does business within and without the state, the numerator of this individual’s sales factor for your state equals or exceeds $100,000.


Texas will Include sales tax economical nexus starting October 1, 2019. Remote retailers using at least 500,000 in total Texas earnings in the 12 calendar weeks are expected to obtain a sales tax license and collect and remit sales and use tax.

The threshold will be based on sales of taxable and exempt tangible personal property and services.

To ease the burden on sellers Texas has been Allowing them to accumulate a lone local tax rate. Instead of calculating And remitting the various tax rates across the state, Sellers may elect to amass one local rate in addition to the state rate. To get 2019, the only local tax rate is 1.75 percentage, for a total state And local rate of 8%. Remote vendors needing to take advantage of This opportunity has to inform the Texas Comptroller Account Maintenance Division.


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